Paprika Chicken Rice
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Time: 15 minutes   Serves: 2-3   Taste: Medium    
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Paprika Chicken Rice   Ingredients:
  • Shaury’s All-In-One Seasoning   2 tbsp
  • Shaury’s Dried Parsley / Dried Coriander Flakes   1 tbsp
  • Rice   1 cups
  • Chicken Thigh   2 slice
  • Oil   3 tbsp
  • Water   3 cups
Cooking Methods:
  1. In a bowl, evenly season the chicken thighs with Shaury’s All-In-One Seasoning.
  2. On high, heat olive oil in a skillet. Place the chicken thighs in the skillet with skin side down. Cook for 3 minutes or until develop brown crispy skin and flip over. Cook for another 3 minute.
  3. Add water into the skillet and cook for another 3 minute.
  4. Wash the rice thoroughly and drain well.
  5. Pour in the chicken together with the sauce into the rice, mix well.
  6. Cook with rice cooker. Garnish with Shaury’s Dried Parsley & Shaury’s Dried Coriander Flakes before serve.