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corporate social responsibilityShaury embraces a culture of care by being responsible, sustainable, equitable and transparent in its business approach by engaging in activities that are beneficial to its customers, employees, business communities, stakeholders, the environment and the Malaysian community at large.

We strongly believe in doing business in an ethical, harmonious and sustainable way where Shaury can continue to share its growing business resources to create values that would improve the quality of life of the Malaysian community and its generation to come.

Our corporate social objective is to improve public health through conducting educational programs to awaken Malaysian consumers' awareness to take self-responsibility in making wiser food choices and adopt healthy eating habits to improve their general health.

Shaury’s public educational program is drawn upon its core expertise and knowledge they know best in advocating consumers to use natural ingredients to flavour up their food instead of using artificial flavour additives which pose numerous health risks according to researches. Shaury will make every effort to address the followings:
  1. corporate-social-responsibility2Promote SAFE FOOD:
    To create interest and awareness in the general public to know about the danger and detrimental health risks associated with the food contamination and unknown ingredients in our daily food intake.

  2. Consumers to make healthy eating choices:
    To show consumers how to eat right by selecting their food choices wisely and replacing artificial food flavouring or products that contain them with 100% natural spice flavour solution which is a healthier option.

  3. Going back basic to use natural spices is easy:
    Shaury will lead the way in showing consumers that there are hundreds of ready-mix natural spice blends to choose from to give them a variety of exciting dining experiences. Shaury can show consumers that going back to using basic ingredients is easy by demonstrating and teaching them the effective and proper way to use natural flavour solutions, the ease of getting them and its affordability which is within everyone’s budget.

  4. Working together with NGOs and Consumers Association to jointly organize programs to educate the general public with greater impact on:
    a) Promote Safe food with healthy life style
    b) the benefits to eat well by using natural spice flavour solution