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Shaury's High Brand Presence
Always There to Serve You Better
business-focus-backgroundShaury’s being a trusted brand is well recognized and preferred by spice dealers, restauranteurs, wholesale marketer, hypermarket chains, retailers and right down to the home users for its superior product quality of authentic origin, natural purity, and unadulterated freshness. It spice blends are freshly mixed upon order and air tight packed in bottles, sealed bags and jars to ensure its natural freshness and characteristics.

Besides traditional spices, Shaury includes an innovative range of spice blends and flavored solutions with over 200 choices for the creative cooks to experiment.

We have a range of spice blends for you to create the original traditional recipe to exactness plus a modernistic range that dares to offer you with more exciting unconventional spice blends for you to experiment your culinary touch with a fusion of cross-cultural cosmopolitan flair.

Shaury takes pride in being a “halal” certified manufacture that offers a wide range of the freshest spices, spice blends and flavours solution to replicate the best traditional Malay, Chinese, Peranakan, and Indian local dishes while also covering special spice blends for other international well-known cuisine.

Shaury’s high brand presence is everywhere – you can have the choicest, freshest spice and spice blends delivered to your doorstep with just a click away through our on-line store or get it from any of the nearest hypermarkets, retail chain and Shaury’s licensed distributors located throughout Malaysia