Carbonara Tagliatelle
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Time: 10 minutes   Serves: 2   Taste: Medium    
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Carbonara Tagliatelle with Meatball   Ingredients:
  • Shaury’s Carbonara Seasoning   25g
  • Shaury’s Parsley Flakes   1 tbsp
  • Tagliatelle / Pasta   70g
  • Full Cream Milk   200g
  • Meat Ball (as prefer)
  • Mushroom   20g
  • Butter   2 tbsp
  • Olive oil   2 tbsp
  • Shredded Cheese
Cooking Methods:
  1. Bring a large pan of lightly salted water to a rolling boil. Add spaghetti and cook according to the spaghetti packet instructions.
  2. Meanwhile, add in olive oil and melt the butter in the sauce pan. Add in shrimp, clams and squid ring. Saute for 1 minutes, add in Shaury’s Creamy Seafood Seasoning following by 200ml water. Boil the mixture till thick.
  3. Drain the spaghetti thoroughly, add into the Seafood sauce and gently toss together to coat the spaghetti. Tip into warmed serving dish or spoon onto individual plates.
  4. Serve immediately and garnished with a pinch of Shaury’s Dried Parsley or Shaury’s Dried Coriander Leaves.